Upholstery Cleaning Cheshire

We provide the cleaning of upholstery in Cheshire including fabric suites, sofa’s, chairs and also leather furniture.

If your looking for Upholstery cleaning Cheshire, your in the right place! Our upholstery cleaning service can restore and brighten the fabric to your sofa or suite by dissolving the residue of dirt whilst also removing odours and most types of stains and soiling.

Upholstery Cleaning Cheshire is a service that we are proud to offer across the county. Many types of suite fabrics can be cleaned including cotton fabrics, suedette (synthetic suede), chenille fabric and many more. Established in 2001 with more than 15 years experience.

upholstery cleaning Cheshire

Areas covered in Cheshire include: Alderley Edge, Altrincham, Crewe & Nantwich, Hale, Holmes Chapel, Knutsford, Lymm, Middlewich, Northwich, Sandbach, Tarporley, Winsford, and Wilmslow.

Upholstery cleaned with care and attention to detail whilst the soil is extracted.

The cleaning product we apply, dissolves the soiling which is then removed by a powerful hot water extraction process as can be seen in the photo opposite.

Upholstery cleaning can be labour intensive and time consuming. An average three piece suite, consisting of ten cushions can take up to four hours to clean due to the surface area and will be lightly damp when finished. Therefore if you make an appointment, it may be benificial to have your upholstery cleaned during a morning appointment so the fabric can be ready to use the following day.

Perhaps you may need just a sofa cleaning or a single chair, no job is too small. We also clean dining room chair pads including commercial seating and larger communal bench seating. Depending on the amount of use, Upholstery can be cleaned annually or every few years which will keep it in tip top fresh condition.


Fabric protector to resist spillages to upholstery.

Upholstery fabric protection offers resistance to liquid spillages. Once applied, most liquids spilled on the fabric will tend to roll off or bead on the material, rather than soak in. This allows time to deal with the spillage and will help avoid the liquid soaking in and becoming difficult to remove.

We can apply StainShield fabric upholstery protector at an additional cost. This is applied immediately after the upholstery has been cleaned.


The video opposite shows the cleaning process used for your upholstery.

This particular suite was quite heavily soiled and the results are outstanding. The client was delighted that her sofa and arm chairs were brought back to virtually as new condition!

Set control to ”HD 1080p” for better viewing.


Leather upholstery cleaning Cheshire

We also offer the cleaning of most types of leather furniture.

Eventually through several years of use, leather furniture, especially light colours such as cream may require cleaning due to dirt and soil settling into the surface.

We use specialist cleaning method that can bring your sofas or suites back to life.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning also carried out to offices, shops, pubs, hotels and more.


Commercial Upholstery Cleaning
Most types of houshold upholstery fabrics can be successfully cleaned. There are just a few types of upholstery that cannot be wet cleaned that are sensitive to wet cleaning.

All fabrics are identified or pretested before the work is carried out.

The time taken to clean upholstery can vary depending on the design and type of fabric. A typical three piece suite with 10 cushions for example can take around three to four hours. A two seat sofa may take up to one and a half hours for a single visit.
Most types of upholstery will be dry the next day or evening and be ready to use providing the work is carried out during a morning appointment. If the work is carried out later in the day or afternoon, your upholstery may not be quite ready to use the following day. Good ventilation and non humid conditions will also speed up drying times.
It is a matter of choice wheather you have stain protection applied following the cleaning of you upholstery. Some types of synthetic materials do not really require stain protector as they are already stain resistant. However many types of upholstery such as cotton can benefit from an application. It offers a little extra resistance from re-soiling but what it is mainly intended for is that splillages will tend to run off or bead on the material allowing time to remove the spill without it being absorbed into the fibres.

Stain protection usually lasts for around 3 years so if your upholstery was protected at some time previously it may no longer be offering protection.

There is an additional cost to have stain protection applied.


Prices are dependant on the type of furniture you have and the time it takes to clean them as there many different types and designs. In some circumstances it may be necessary to call and visit to look at your upholstery. It may be possible to give an estimate over the phone from your description in some cases.

However in most cases an accurate quote can be given if you are able to send a photo of each item that requires cleaning. The information needed is a description of the fabric and how many reversable cushions there are. As an example, a single arm chair where the cushions are used both sides would have 2 reversable cushions, whereas some chairs have fixed cushions that are non reversable.

Sending photos for a quote can be done in 2 ways. You can send photos from your phone or tablet to 07764254898 but please make a phone enquiry first.

Sending photos from the contact page: You can take pictures on a tablet or phone and send them via the email address on the contact page.

Ensure each photo is clear and each item of furniture is fully inside the frame as below. Go to the contact page form here.

upholstery picture

Upholstery Cleaners Cheshire

Carpet Cleaning

Should you be having your upholstery cleaned, why not inquire about having your carpets freshly cleaned and get a free no obligation quotation.