Carpet stain removal Northwich

carpet stain removal Northwich

Carpet stains removed in Northwich

If you have a problem with carpet stains in Northwich, help is at hand. Many types of carpet stains can be removed with our carpet cleaning process.

However it may be that some types of carpet stains could be permanent.


What are the most common types of carpet stains?

  • Tea and coffee stains. Tea and coffee contains Tannin which can permanently dye the carpet fibre. These can be the most difficult stains to remove if not impossible depending of the type of the carpet.
  • Pet stains. Pet urine can permanently dye the carpet. On wool carpets they are usually permanent. Some types of synthetic carpet such as polyproylene can be resistant to staining.
  • Black marks around the edge of the carpet. These are caused by air circulating around the edge of the carpet. On wool carpets these can be permanent. Again on synthetic carpets they can sometimes be removed with professional cleaning.
  • Water mark stains. Water marks can be caused by trying to remove a stain from the carpet and applying too much water causing the celulose from the backing to permanently stain the carpet. another common cause is water leaking from a radiator which can also be caused by the celulose.
  • Stains caused by food. Many types of food stains can be removed. However some types of food can contain dyes which can permanently stain your carpet.

Northwich carpet stain removal

What types of carpet stains can you remove?

Many types of stains such as oil marks, nail varnish, mud, drink spillages, candle wax and food stains can be removed. Most can be removed during the cleaning process. Difficult stains are treated with specialist stain removers and then extracted by machine.

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How do I get a quote for carpet stain removal in Northwich?

If you need a quote just get in touch. If the carpet has a stain, I may be able to give you some advice over the phone initially.

If you are considering having the whole carpet cleaned, the stain removal will probably be free of charge unless it’s a major problem that requires lengthy treatment.


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