How to keep floors clean

how to keep floors clean

This article describes how to clean and maintain your floors.  How to clean kitchen tiles, stone floors, vinyl floors, Terracotta floor tiles, slate floors, Amtico floors, Karndean and commercial flooring. Eventually the time will come when your floor will have gotten dirty due to foot traffic and incoming dirt trodden in from outside. Sometimes the build up of dirt on your floor may become impossible to remove with regular mopping and therefore will require some serious cleaning to remove the build up of grime on the surface.

Further down the page there are different articles on how to clean and maintain different types of floors.

floor cleaner

What causes my floor to become dirty?

The answer is that a floor can become dirty for several reasons. If you have a busy household there is the obvious cause which is soil and dirt trodden in from outside. 

Another major cause that a floor becomes dirty is that using floor cleaners in a bucket of water and adding too much of the product can lead to a build up of residue on the surface of the floor. Adding too much floor cleaning product means that the chemicals are not removed properly by the mop and a layer builds up on the floor trapping the dirt that has walked in. This layer of cleaning product and also the trapped dirt cannot be removed merely by mopping. Additionally floor cleaning products that put a shine on the floor can also leave a residue where the dirt can be trapped. These floor shine cleaners contain a silicone additive that stays on the floor and can lead to the floor becoming dirty. So when you are using floor cleaning products, always follow the mixing instructions and never add to much when diluting.

sweep the floor

The next steps to cleaning a floor

So now we need to prepare to clean the floor. The things you will need are a stiff hand brush, a traditional cotton mop and some heavy duty high alkaline floor cleaner. When using floor cleaning chemicals always read the instructions, wear gloves and pre-test the product in an inconspicuous area to ensure there are no adverse effects on the floor.

Sweep the floor and remove any loose dust and grit. Pre-test the floor cleaner and allow to dry.