Rug cleaning service

Our company provides the cleaning of all types of rugs.

If you have invested in rugs to enhance the decor of your home, there will come a time where foot traffic may have soiled or dirtied the fibers. In most cases, we can clean and restore your rugs and also the fringes using our rug cleaning process. We apply specialist cleaning products to break down the soil and use a powerful extraction machine to remove the grit and dirt.

rug cleaning service

wool rug cleaning service

We clean all types of rugs.

The types of rugs we clean include Oriental rugs, Persian, Indian rugs, Laura Ashley rugs and synthetic man made rugs.

These also include Wool natural fiber rugs, handwoven, hand-tufted, hand-knotted, and hand-loomed. 

In home cleaning of rugs or collection service.

If you are interested in having your rugs cleaned, please get in touch for a quotation. We can visit your home and clean most rugs in situ. Alternatively, your rug can be collected and cleaned in a specialist rug cleaning plant. 

cleaning rugs at home