End of tenancy cleaning Cheshire

We provide end of tenancy cleaning to property in the Cheshire area.

End of tenancy cleaning Cheshire

If you are a tenant you will need to ensure that the carpets have been properly cleaned to recover your full deposit before handing the property back to the Landlord. In many cases it is a contractual requirement that the carpets are professionally cleaned at the end of tenancy.

Carpets are perhaps the finishing touch to any rental property that needs to be in a presentable condition before the property is handed over to a new tenant. Whether you are a landlord or tenant you’ll want to know that the property is as clean as possible.

The first place a prospective client eye is drawn to is the flooring and carpets. Many would be tenant’s and also landlords would naturally need to know that the carpets do not contain soil and stains that the previous occupier has left behind. If there is a stain or two or the carpets are slightly soiled, it can let down the image of the property which could lose a possible prospective tenant.

Please note: we only provide professional carpet cleaning for end of tenancy – not full house cleaning.
Discounts available for unfurnished property. See details below.

Area coverage includes:

  • Alderley Edge
  • Altrincham
  • Chelford
  • Crewe
  • Frodsham
  • Hale
  • Holmes Chapel
  • Knutsford
  • Lymm
  • Middlewich
  • Nantwich
  • Northwich
  • Sandbach
  • Tarporley
  • Warrington
  • Winsford
  • Wilmslow
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Should you be a tenant you will need to be sure that the carpets have been properly cleaned to recover your full deposit. You should also ensure that the rest of the property has also been fully cleaned. In our experience, most disputes over the recovery of tenants deposits are caused by the property not being in a re-letable condition due to cleaning issues. Should the landlord or agent find that the property requires cleaning after the tenant has left, they will naturally endeavour to recover the cost from the deposit to cover subsequent cleaning costs.
It is often a contractual requirement nowadays that the carpets and the rest of the property are left how you found them apart from normal wear and tear. It may also be stipulated in a tenancy contract that the carpets are professionally cleaned by a reputable company after vacating the property especially where pets have been kept. The agent may also require an invoice from a professional carpet cleaning company to satisfy the contractual requirement and that the carpets have been cleaned to a high standard and not by DIY methods or hire machines.

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Moving into a new home.

If you are moving into a new home you may want to be sure that the carpets don’t have in in them what the previous occupier has left behind.

Many new home owners will often clean the new property thoroughly before moving in. Having your carpets freshly cleaned will give peace of mind and a great start in your new home!

You may be selling your property and want to present it in the best possible condition. Not only will your carpets look better but will also help with it’s presentation which may help sell your home.

Discounts available for unfurnished properties

If you have four  rooms or more and those rooms are unfurnished, you will qualify for a discount of 15% from the regular room pricing. Example: 2 bedrooms plus a lounge and dining room = 4 rooms. This discount does not apply to stairs.

Please note that this discount may not apply if the carpets are extremely heavily soiled and may require restoration or additional remedial work and downtime.

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We also provide end of tenancy cleaning for many local estate agents and landlords alike.

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Tips on reclaiming your tenancy rental deposit.

Your rental property should be the way you found it when you arrived. If not your agent or landlord could deduct money from your rental deposit to hire a professional to clean it instead.

Here is a list of the areas your agent – landlord is likely to want you to clean before you leave:

  • Oven
  • Cooker hood
  • Sinks, worktops and cupboards 
  • Tops of kitchen units
  • Fridge & freezer, washing machine and dishwasher
  • Floors
  • Walls and internal doors
  • Windows
  • Skirting boards
  • Bath/shower and wc’s and remove limescale.
  • Check carpets are clean and free of stains
  • Check the garden grass is cut and borders are weeded
How to get all your tenancy deposit back

Follow the link below for more information on reclaiming your tenancy deposit: