Leather Cleaning Cheshire

Leather cleaning service in Cheshire for upholstery, suites, sofa’s, couches chairs and footstools.

Leather cleaning Cheshire

Leather upholstery furniture when used regularly will lose its original appearance and colour and become dull through soiling. This is more noticeable on lighter colours such as beige and cream. Dirt, grime and can be very difficult to remove even with Leather cleaning kits supplied from the furniture manufacturers. If your looking for Leather cleaning in Cheshire for your upholstery suites, sofa’s and chairs, why not call for a free quote without obligation.

Areas covered for leather cleaning include: Alderley Edge, Altrincham, Crewe, Nantwich, Hale, Holmes Chapel, Knutsford, Lymm, Middlewich, Northwich, Sandbach, Tarporley, Warrington, Winsford, and Wilmslow.

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Using household detergents or baby wipes for leather cleaning over a long term period can cause the leather to crack or peel. Additionally perspiration, oil from skin, pets, and grease can slowly attack the surface causing the leather to discolour and can also cause cracking and peeling of the leather surface. Owners of Leather upholstery furniture can also find difficulty in cleaning these types of leather chairs and sofa’s, even with DIY kits. We use a highly effective professional leather cleaning treatment that will normally clean and restore much of the original look of the furniture unless damage such as cracking has occurred.

How dirt is removed from leather.

During cleaning of a leather sofa. This was part of a leather suite which was heavily soiled. Using a very effective leather cleaner has removed the dirt and grime.

Leather cleaners Cheshire


Leather Protection Treatment.

Once the leather upholstery has been cleaned, a coat of leather protection cream is applied. This is important to protect the leather as the cream acts a barrier between the leather and the dirt, helping to prevent premature wear & tear and further discolouration. This treatment will also protect, condition, nourish and re-instate the aroma into the furniture.

Leather upholstery cleaning Cheshire

Some examples of before and after cleaning of leather furniture


leather suite cleaning Cheshire

leather sofa cleaning
removing dirt from leather sofa
dirt removed form leather

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