Cleaning equipment we use

We use one of the best pieces of equipment on the market called the Airflex Turbo carpet cleaning machine.

Airflex Turbo carpet cleaning machine

This machine gives excellent results when having your carpets cleaned. This equipment removes the soil, dirt, stains and grit from the carpet fibers making a huge difference to the way your carpet looks by restoring the appearance to near it’s original condition. This system is commonly referred to as the Hot water extraction method.

The Airflex Turbo carpet cleaning machine has a Bigairflow system which is powered by three high performance vacuum motors.

This gives amazing dirt and grime extraction, removing the soil from beneath the carpet fibers. This type of equipment also gives very fast drying to the carpets. There is also the option of leaving the machine in the vehicle while cleaning inside the house.

This machine has a powerful 600 psi fully adjustable high flow pump which is suitable for high performance carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and also hard floor cleaning.

removing dirt from carpet

The carpet cleaning system.

The carpet cleaning system we use is powered by a 600 PSI solution pump from which water flows down a hose to the carpet cleaning wand. This water passes through jets in the wand under high pressure into the carpet flushing out the dirt and grime. The dirt is the immediately vacuumed into the wand and then back to the machine waste tank via a vacuum hose.

This type of cleaning system can make a huge difference to the look of the carpets. If the carpets were heavily soiled, the results are often amazing!

Due to the Airflex Turbo having 3 large vacuum motors, the carpets are left only damp as most of the water and dirt is recovered back into the waste tank of the machine.

This type of cleaning is often referred to as Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning, although nowadays many companies do not use hot water in their extraction machines as the cleaning chemicals are so effective that hot water no longer makes any difference to the results. This carpet cleaning method is also incorrectly referrd to as carpet steam cleaning.

How soil and dirt are extracted from the carpet

carpet cleaning wand

The cleaning process

These images show the carpet cleaning wand where water is sprayed into the carpet. The image to the right shows how the water along with the soil is removed and recovered into the carpet cleaning machine via the vacuum system.


hot water extraction

upholstery cleaning with Airflex Turbo

Upholstery cleaning with the Airflex Turbo cleaning system

The same method and machinary is used to clean upholstery.

The upholstery is first pre-sprayed with a cleaning product after which the fabric is agitated with a brush to loosen the dirt. A smaller hand wand is used to extract the dirt and the upholstey is usually dry within 24 hours.