How to remove nail polish from carpet

This article describes the method on how to remove nail polish from your carpet

how to remove nail varnish from carpet

If you have been painting your fingernails with nail polish and some of the varnish has spilled onto the carpet, you will need to know the best method on how to remove the nail varnish from the carpet. Unfortunately this can happen unexpectedly and you may be thinking the carpet has been ruined permanently by the nail polish mark or stain. This article describes the best procedure on how to remove the nail varnish from your carpet. You will need a few items to safely remove the polish such as Acetone or nail varnish remover, a white rag or paper tissue and perhaps some cotton buds.

Here is the method on how to remove nail varnish from carpet:

  1. Pre test an area of the carpet with the acetone or nail varnish remover, as some types of synthetic carpet can be damaged or melted – but this happens very seldom.
  2. As soon as the nail polish has spilled, absorb as much of the varnish as possible with paper tissue or a white cloth until no more can be absorbed.
  3. Scrape as much of the dry nail varnish as you can from the carpet using the edge of a dull knife or the edge of a spoon without damaging the carpet.
  4. Pour a small amount of nail varnish remover onto the stain and then dab and blot the area with the towel while turning the towel frequently.
  5. Keep repeating the blotting process while applying the acetone frequently so as the area does not dry out. When no more nail polish transfers to the tissue you may be finished.
  6. If any nail polish remains in the carpet, try using some white spirit on a white cloth to remove any residue.
  7. If you are still having problems with the varnish stain, please read down the page.

removing nail polish from carpet

Below are some alternative methods of how to remove the nail polish.

If a large amount of nail polish has been spilled onto the carpet, it can be extremely difficult if not impossible to remove. Also it may be necessary to call out a professional carpet cleaning company who should have the equipment and stain removal chemicals to deal with larger spills. In some cases on wool carpets, the nail varnish may have permanently dyed the carpet.




Here is the method on how to remove small amounts of nail polish from carpet:

Dampen the stain with nail varnish remover. If you are using a larger container of acetone or nail varnish remover, pour some into the cap. Use cotton buds to remove the stain.


use acetone to remove nail polish




Use cotton buds to remove the stain.

Keep the cotton buds damp by dipping them into the acetone. Gently rub the area changing the cotton buds frequently.

use cotton bud to remove nail polish

Keep changing the cotton buds so as the polish will be absorbed and removed

nail polish stain removal from carpet

Continue the method until the nail varnish has virtually dissapeared.

nail polish stain removed



The following method is aimed more at professional carpet cleaning companies who have the correct equipment.

This method is where there is a large amount of nail polish deposited on the carpet.

Using a larger container of acetone dampen the whole area.

nail polish removal method 1



With a non coloured cloth, remove as much of the nail polish as possible while turning the cloth. Keep dampening the area so as the varnish does not dry up and turn solid.

nail polish removal method 2


At this point we have spent around 1/2 an hour removing as much as possible of the varnish stain from the carpet with the cloth. There is still some of the polish left in the carpet and not much is coming out any more.

nail polish removal method 3


We now use Prochem Citrus Gel to remove the residue while the carpet is damp with the acetone. Rub the Citrus Gel into the carpet liberally and thoroughly.

nail polish removal method 4


We now use a Prochem stair tool to extract the Gel and remaining residue flushing out the stain. It may be necessary to repeat this several times. There is no need to continue adding acetone, just repeat with the gel.

nail polish removal method 5



The nail polish stain has now been completely removed from the carpet. This was in a bedroom and the carpet would perhaps of cost £900 pounds to replace, so the customer was very happy indeed.

nail polish removal method 6

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