How to clean Amtico floors

How to clean and remove dirt from Amtico floors

How to clean an Amtico floor

How you can clean your Amtico floor.

This article describes how you can clean your Amtico floor. The problem that often occurs with Amtico floors is that a build up of dirt and grime can accumulate on the surface of the floor. Additionally another problem is that cleaning products can build up on the floor and cause the dirt to be trapped on the layer of residue. This layer of dirt and residue can be impossible to remove with regular mopping of the floor. Scratches and scuff marks can also be a problem as these can make the floor look dull and also retain dirt.

This article will also describe how you can seal your Amtico floor afterwards if it is required.

cleaning dirt from Amtico floor

So lets take a look at the dirt on our Amtico floor

Opposite is a close up look taken from the first image of our floor at the top of the page. As you can see the Amtico floor is scratched. These scratches will need to be cleaned out with a stiff brush. We will also use a professional floor cleaning product which is capable of dissolving the dirt and grime.

If you are a home owner and doing this as a DIY job you will need to purchase a stiff hand brush. Alternatively you could hire a floor cleaning machine if you have a large Amtico floor to clean. I cleaned this floor using a small floor scrubbing machine.

scrubbing Amtico floor clean

Scrubbing the floor

Here I am scrubbing a few Amtico floor tiles to see what the result will be. After cleaning the tiles you can see the floor is perfectly clean and the scratches have been cleaned out. On this floor in particular I am going to seal the floor with Amtico floor polish. This will tend to hide the scratches and also fill them in so as dirt will not accumulate in them afterwards. Sealing the floor will also make the floor easier to clean in the future as it will make the floor smoother, especially if the floor is textured as this one is.

dirt removed from Amtico floor

Dirt removed from Amtico floor

Here is the area that has been cleaned. As can be seen, the area is many shades lighter and the floor should look impressive when it is cleaned and sealed.

floor cleaning machine remove dirt from Amtico

Cleaning the Amtico floor

Here I am using a small scrubbing machine to clean the Amtico floor. First of all I cleaned around the edges of the room and skirtings and also the kitchen units using a hand brush so as not to get the cleaning chemical on the paintwork and kick  boards as this could cause damage. So take care not to get any cleaning products on surfaces that may com to any harm. The cleaning product was first sprayed onto the floor and allowed to dwell for around 20 minutes before cleaning.

rinsing dirt from Amtico

Removing dirt and slurry form the Amtico floor

Do not allow the floor to dry before rinsing off the slurry. You can use a mop and a bucket of water to rinse the floor. To a bucket of water add around 100ml of white vinegar so as to neutralize any of the cleaning product. Here I am using an extraction machine instead of a mop and bucket. This rinses off the floor with a jet of water and the slurry is taken outside into a machine. When using a bucket of water, it is better to clean off the floor and then use a fresh bucket of water to follow up to ensure the floor is as clean as possible. You can also follow up with a flat mop to remove any remaining residue.

Amtico floor textured

What about scratches and scuffs on an Amtico floor?

Here is a close up of the floor. The floor is free from dirt and the scratches are hardly visible at all anymore. As can be seen this floor is textured which can make the floor attract dirt. Sealing these type of textured Amtico floor tiles should make them a little easier to clean. It may be that your floor is quite heavily scratched and scuffed. Sealing will not always hide deeper scratches but it can make them less likely to be seen and the floor will generally look much better. If the Amtico floor has been scuffed by furniture, an application of floor polish will also generally make the floor much improved. See some examples on the next page about sealing the floor.

how to seal Amtico floor

Sealing an Amtico floor

If your floor is not very old or worn and in reasonably good shape, it is not always necessary to seal the floor. However sealing the floor can protect it from further wear and also enhance the looks with a nice satin sheen.

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