How to seal Amtico floors

This article describes how to seal an Amtico floor.

how to seal Amtico floors

Sealing an Amtico floor

Before sealing your Amtico floor you need to make sure the floor is thoroughly clean. Sealing an Amtico floor will protect it from wear and also enhance it’s looks with a nice sheen. Sealing the floor will also tend hide scratches and scuffs.

Should I seal my Amtico floor?

Sealing your Amtico floor depends on how much wear and tear it has had and how old the floor is. If the floor is only a few years old and has no scuffs and scratches it may well not require sealing. Once you have cleaned the floor properly and it still looks good you may be quite happy with it. However you may want to seal the floor to help prevent it wearing. If you have an older Amtico floor, it may have become scuffed and scratched from wear. Sealing can do a lot to help hide these scuffs and scratches caused by foot traffic and furniture.

Before sealing your Amtico floor

Before you attempt to seal your Amtico floor, you will need to make sure the floor is thoroughly clean. I have come across many floors where the floor has been sealed and the floor was never properly cleaned in the first place. In this instance the dirt will be trapped under the seal. Very often people will tend to just mop the floor before sealing and this is not always a satisfactory method of cleaning as it may not remove the dirt properly.

Check the link here on how to clean your Amtico floor before attempting to seal it.

sealing Amtico floor

Applying Amtico floor seal

Gently pour a little floor seal onto the floor. Avoid splashing onto surrounding areas.

applying Amtico floor seal with mop

Applying Amtico floor seal with a flat mop

Using a flat mop spread out the floor seal thinly and evenly ensuring there are no voids especially where the floor may be slightly uneven. Avoid applying too much floor seal. Just thin layers are perfectly adequate. If you apply too much floor seal it could take many hours to dry. Normally each coat will take around 20 to 30 minutes to dry in a well ventilated area. Areas such as toilet rooms or utility kitchen areas where there is no ventilation may take somewhat longer so it’s best to start in those areas first.

satin finish floor seal for Amtico

How many coats of Amtico floor seal should I apply?

I usually apply 3 coats of floor seal and this should last for many years. Although the floor seal is a satin finish the more you apply, the more shine will be obtained. Additionally the more coats you apply the more difficult it will be to remove it in the future. 

How long will the floor seal last?

It just depends on the amount of traffic the floor gets. A floor that has a lot of traffic and where grit and dirt is being walked in, may only last for a few years due to wear. Where there is good house keeping and not so much traffic it could last perhaps 10 years before it’s time to remove the old seal and apply a new coat once more. It’s always a good idea to have effective entrance mats to prolong the life of the floor seal.

Here the Amtico floor is now dry and ready to walk on within half an hour of the final coat of seal. It now has a lovely satin sheen.

Go to the Amtico floor cleaning page to see how it originally looked.

Amtico floor with seal

Here is an example on the left of an Amtico floor that was scuffed and scratched from furniture and years of foot traffic.

The image on the right demonstrates how the floor seal has hidden the damage caused to the floor and now looks very satisfactory indeed.

Amtico floor with scratches and scuffs